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Buffalo Grass Is America's Grass

from: Lawn and Garden Magic

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a buffalo? Persistence, perhaps, given this creature's bullish nature? Sturdiness, of course, as this type of ox is very durable, whatever the weather condition might be wherever they choose to roam. Some may even think independant, since buffalos are known for their preference for solitude and their ability to take care of themselves regardless of the harsh environment. The patriotic person might even think of America, as buffalos have always been a staple of this land. Native Indians call them the original dwellers of this continent.

For these reasons, buffalo grass is quite aptly named. It's a kind of grass native to our country. It's very brutish grass, as it will never cease to grow and spread across any lawn, except during the colder season, when its growth slows down, but not completely stop.

Buffalo grass also does well in areas where there's little water. Its water-retention properties are a cut above the rest. It holds on to packets of water for long periods of time.

This grass type has no preference when it comes to soil. It does extremely well on any surface, even areas that aren't regularly fertilized. The only weakness of buffalo grass is soil with high salt content. Salt defeats water, after all, and it neutralizes the grass type's famed water-retention ability.

This doesn't mean the grass owner shouldn't apply fertilizer on the soil, however. For best results, treating the soil with beneficial compost will produce the best results. This process will help the buffalo grass in retaining water, and it will also make the soil more suitable for supporting the stand of the grass sprouts.

Not surprisingly, buffalo grass is known as a grass type for humid weathers. It's at its greenest best during the first few weeks after winter leaves, and shall continue to produce a radiant green color until the first few weeks of summer. Despite this, the grass type preserves its greenness, but in slightly lesser degrees, throughout the year. For many gardeners and landscape designers, this grass type is the perfect complement for the sceneries they put together.

Buffalos have always been a symbol of the best that America can offer... freedom, determination and inspiration. The same is true for buffalo grass named for these amazing creatures.


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