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Dwarf Hedges for Your Landscape

from: Lawn and Garden Magic

A visit to your local nursery will show you the many types of hedges you can choose from when you're ready. Some of the most interesting types are of the short variety, also known as dwarf hedges. Though dwarf hedges may not be the best option to replace a fence, by adding them to your landscape they can be very ornamental and so height-challenged hedges could be exactly what you need.

People often purchase dwarf hedges to plant in small areas. To add substance to your landscaping if you already have a lot of the area planted, you can do this with short shrubs. The dwarf variety will usually only grow a few feet high and they can be added into existing landscape to provide an updated look. Of course, these small hedges can be used in the same way as any normal sized hedge, just on a smaller scale.

A popular place to plant a dwarf shrub is in the front area of a home. A house with low windows that requires some landscaping won't have to worry about these shrubs getting too tall. They won't grow so large that they cover the entire window, but may grow just enough to provide extra shading and add curb appeal. Dwarf hedges are also popular along the sides of a home as well. Actually, any location where a tall hedge would be a problem is a great place for a dwarf hedge.

What's great about dwarf hedges is they come in lovely varieties, most of which are nice to view. One type, the ninebark dwarf, is among the most popular species. It's small and can be used anywhere in your yard, as with all dwarf varieties. It has small green foliage that contains small white flowers in the spring. It's interesting to note that the type of shrub's bark peels in the winter. This hardy shrub loves full to partial sun and will grow almost anywhere. Small birds love it for its protection and you'll enjoy it for its cute flowers.

The dwarf blue leaf Arctic willow is also very popular because it grows extremely fast compared to others. This type of hedge grows in the wettest of soil conditions, so it's perfect for marshy or wetland areas. The stems are skinny and gets its name from its bluish green coloring.

If you'd like to add a little "wall" to your home, dwarf shrubs are perfect. Use them the same way as full sized shrubs by creating a barrier between your property and your neighbor’s. They won’t grow as tall as the regular variety, but they'll be just as beautiful, and dwarf hedges require little maintenance. They do need to be planted with plenty of room for their roots to grow, but should be planted just a few inches into the soil. Dwarfs don't need any extra watering since they can thrive on rainwater, just like their big brother hedges. They do, however, need occasional pruning, especially if you want them to maintain a specific shape.

Another great usage for small hedges is to build them around an existing flower garden, which provides a more private and professional look to your yard. Place a nice sitting bench in the middle and you'll feel like you've created your own secret garden. Dwarf hedges are also a great way to attract small wildlife to your yard. They won't attract as much wildlife as larger hedges, but you should see an increase in bird activity and other small wildlife activity in your yard. And so, if you're looking for the added appeal of hedges to your home on a small scale, dwarf shrubs are the ideal solution.


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