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´╗┐Tame that Unruly Row of Hedges

from: Lawn and Garden Magic

Taming an unruly row of hedges may seem impossible sometimes, but it shouldn't be. You can take many things into consideration when trying to tame an unruly row of hedges such as:

* know the right time to prune

* choose the right tools

* use your tools properly

* learn the proper techniques

* choose a pruning style and be consistent

Knowing the right time to prune your hedges is important when trying to tame an unruly row of hedges. Most hedges are like any other plant, which means they can only be pruned at specific times of the year. Trees are usually best pruned when dormant, but hedges can be trimmed in the spring season after the flowers have faded away. If the hedges bloom in the summer, they're best when pruned only in the early spring.

It's important to use the proper tools when pruning an unruly row of hedges. Most professionals recommend using pruning shears with curved blades because they'll do less damage to the branches of the hedges. You can now get blades with Teflon protection which is beneficial to the shrub since it leaves a smoother and more even cut and this causes less damage to the hedge and makes it easier to prune. When the branches get to be over a quarter inch thick, you should use a bow saw for best results. There are quite a number of tools you can purchase for trimming your hedges, so selecting the right one for the type of hedge you have may take a consultation with your local garden center.

An important factor when trying to tame a row of unruly hedges is using the proper pruning techniques to help develop a good pruning style.

First, all of the dead parts of the shrubbery should be thinned out with the oldest branches removed. Removing them right down to the ground will effectively tame them and should open the center of the hedge to sunlight as well as increase leaf production over bare spots in the hedges. This will also encourage heavy leaf production at the end of the branch, which helps prevent bare stems and dense surface growth. Check the trimming as you go along and try not to over trim because this can cause even more damage to your hedge.

Once you've cleaned out the dead shrubbery in the unruly row, you should then concentrate on the branches that need to be shaped the most, cutting just above the bud, on the outside of the branch. This should encourage outward growth of the branches and will also give the row of unruly hedges a more natural look.

Finally, in order to successfully tame an unruly row of hedges you must decide on a pruning style and be consistent with it. For lower maintenance, a natural pruning method is the best choice. These methods rely on thinning to keep a row of hedges healthy. The hedge will be neat, but natural, since it's being allowed to grow in natural directions with little shaping. However, snipping off an unruly branch here and there will help keep the natural look of the hedge.

Formal pruning is another method of hedge pruning that will give you a more uniform look. Formal pruning includes techniques to keep a row of hedges healthy and tame, but requires regular pruning throughout to keep it's formal appearance. Gardeners often use a tape measure for more accurate formal hedge trimming. When using this method, never overdo the first cut. As you go along, the final size of the row of hedges can be determined, and once that happens, you'll want to maintain them the same way.

Using any or all of these techniques will certainly go a long way in helping you tame that row of unruly hedges.


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