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Rose Gardening Article

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Miniature Roses are Petite Perfection

from: Lawn and Garden Magic

Miniature roses are easy to grow both indoors and outdors. Though these little petite flowers have little or no fragrance, they're the perfect choice to accent both home and garden. Miniature roses are relatively free of maintenance. All they need is a quick "bath" every week and they'll last for years.

A common misconception regarding miniature roses is the assumption that "miniature" means they're and excellent houseplant. Before moving these roses indoors, you should realize that miniature roses grow as hight as four feet. This makes them a rather large house plant that definitely requires lots of light. On the other hand, micro-mini roses grow only to about five inches but are just as easy to take care of. If you simply must keep your miniature roses indoors, here are a few tips to make it easier to care for your roses.

You can start by setting your plants where they can receive direct sunlight because they will always do best in the windows of your home that get the most sunlight. If you notice the stems of your miniature roses starting to stretch out which leaves wide gaps between the leaves, it's a good sign your rose isn't as much light as it should be getting. If this is the case, either move the plants to a better location or do something about providing some supplemental light.

You should make it a habit to bathe all of your plant every week since spraying reduces any chance an invasion of spider-mites. This procedure is simple enough, simply mist the top and underside of the leaves and this will also help eliminate dust. Your plant need to be comfortable in their pots. Too small and they'll be too cramped. Too large and they'll have difficulty growing.

When planted outdoors, miniature roses are usuallyin in bloom from spring until winter. By covering them with mulch there's a better chance they'll survive frost and even an especially cold winter. You have several options on where to plant your roses, either directly in the ground, in a hanging basket, or in an 8 - 10 inch pot. As mentioned, these plants require lots of direct sunlight, so don't plant them in where they're shaded by large trees or buidings that might cast a large shadow.

When planting your roses directly into the ground, you should dig a hole approximately one foot in depth and width. Remove your rose from its pot and carefully untangle loose roots. Set the roots into the hole and refill the hole with loose soil so they're planted levelly. Water your miniature roses thoroughly.

If critical that you prevent the soil from drying out. The first three weeks are a critical stage for the health of any plant so make sure you water them every day for at least three weeks. However, after three weeks, your goal is to simply make sure the soil is moist, so inspect it daily and if the soil feels dry, give your plant some water.

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